Ideen: J.Georg Brandt/  Mathias R. Büttner/  Christian DesbonnetsSusanne Dettmann & Brigitte Kratschmayr
 Jan Dirksen/   Beate Eisfeld/   Andreas Frank/  Sylvia HenzeDoro HülderTomoko Kinoshita
Arne Lösekann & Julia Hoffmann/  Marnie MoldenhauerJanina Peter/  Susanne Reizlein & Dodo Schielein

Tomoko Kinoshita @
A wishing tree is an old Chinese tradition that allows people to write their wishes on pieces of paper and then attach them to a tree. Also in Japan, we have a similar custom. In my childhood, I used to write my wish on a strip of paper and attach it to a bamboo tree on 7th July every year, making a wish to the stars at night.
This installation will be created by cooperation of visitors. By writing their wishes on tags and attaching them to trees, we can create a Wishing Forest together. As each visitor put a tag onto a tree, this temporary forest expands organically with time over the period of HAFENSAFARI 5. The forest carries everyone’s dream and hope with full of positive impression. At the end of HAFENSAFARI 5, we’ll see a dream-like forest which will disappear at the finale of the event.

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